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Show and NOT tell; Creativity...

Seeing darkness and recording it is observant.

Observing darkness and finding light is creative.

Sharing darkness and light is living.

The images are of the volcanic eruption in Iceland. For those of you that speak Islenska the name of the volcano is Eyjafjallajökull (good luck with that, it tied my tongue fairly tightly).

The words are merely stating the obvious. Enjoy it just the same.
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Show and NOT tell; Erosion...


Sometimes I find images that are so freakin’ sweet it hurts. Then I’m overcome by a creeping terror as I realize what the images are actually depicting.

I’m fairly positive that ORANGE water is non-potable.

I wonder how much breathable air is displaced by the floating particulates?

How ‘bout a mud-bath (in diesel sludge)?

Think you’ve got a tough job? Try dismantling ships with nothing more than a torch and your bare hands.

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